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Minimum - Once a week
You can take each lessons only one time.

Standard A - Twice a week
You can take each lessons twice.

Standard B - 3 times a week
You can take each lessons three times.

Textbook is sent by mail and shared as a data.
Order the equipment
Pack A: Belt and tabi-socks: JPY5,500
Pack B: Sword, belt, and tabi-socks: JPY40,000
Pack C: Sword, belt, tabi-socks, kimono and hakama-pants: JPY55,000

Input the place where you would like to have the textbook delivered.

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Wednesday and Friday: from 7pm to 10pm

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This is designed for those of you who want to learn Kenbu:
Kenbu is a performing art that originated in the martial arts. You will learn some elements of martial arts, but the goal is to perform it as a dance, so it is not suitable for those who "only" want to learn martial arts. 


  • Deadline of reservation is 24 hours before the each lessons. And cancellation is 12 hours before the each lessons.
  • The money once paid will not be refunded.
  • If there is any inconvenience act or behavior to instructors or other students, we will strictly warned him/her and may ask to be expelled.